Dam Burg – Premium Belgium Lager

Characterised by a pleasant hoppiness

The Brewery

Martens Brewery, established in 1758, is true Belgian craftsmanship that started brewing beer over 250 years ago. An eighth-generation family run company that pride themselves on their rich tradition & family heritage…..

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The Lager

This premium Belgium lager is bottom-fermented, brewed with the purest water from our own source, barley malt, unmalted cereals and aromatic hop varieties. This light amber coloured beer is characterised by a pleasant….

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The Experience

The Belgian beer culture is the way in which it links to the enjoyment of food. In many regions of Belgium, beer is used as an ingredient while the beer itself is served as an accompaniment.

The easy drinking style of lager lends itself to lighter meals like seafood and shellfish, and it’s refreshing nature works well as a ‘grease-cutter’ when eating oily foods like pizza, chips or nuts.

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